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About Us

Kukel International Group Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech water heating system. We are proud to be the first company in inventing the groundbreaking Porcelain–Energy Technology™. The Group’s diverse product portfolio ranges from instant heat faucet to tankless water heater for basin and shower.


Porcelain heating system is one-of-a-kind and can transfer heat over 1,200 degrees Celsius into cold water, raising water temperature instantly, making instant hot water supply possible. We had invented the world’s smallest heater by using Porcelain–Energy Technology™ with heating element integrated inside the faucet, mini water heater and shower heater.

The Porcelain-Energy Technology™ has changed the conventional "Centralize Hot Water Feeding Method" in which hot water is conveyed from one water heater to every water outlet through pipes. We are taking water heating technology into a new horizon by installing Porcelain-Energy™ water heaters at the point of use, this can significantly help customers to save energy and to prevent water wastage inside the water pipes.

Kukel’s product is applicable to households, schools, hospitals, offices and hotels.

Simply using single-phase electric power and you can enjoy instant hot water supply.