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Q1. What is the product range of Kukel?
i) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy Single-phase electric Instant heat faucet (world's first) Simply connect to the cold water pipe, with an electric plug which suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Model KUL23-01, KUL23-02, KUL23-02C, KUL23-08, KUL23-08C (with plugs 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw)
ii) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy Single-phase electric Instant water heater Simply connect to the cold water pipe and single-phase power supply (up to 8500W) (recommended only for short-distance hot water connection). Model KUL59-812, KUL59-813 and electronic thermostatic KUL59-818, KUL59-828.
iii)KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy Single-phase electric Instant Basin Mini Water Heater (aka: KUKEL Longtau Po) (world's first) Simply connect the cold water pipe, plug in the electric plugs, the outlet of hot & cold water connection connect to the own existing ordinary hot & Cold connector of the faucet (suitable for the kitchen and bathroom), Model: KUL59-903 (with plugs 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw).

Q2. KUKEL product uses single-phase power supply, or three-phase?
A: Most of KUKEL product use single phase power supply 220V, suitable for general household in Hong Kong, our company's products range from 2800W - 8500W, the power of the model depends on the household electricity.

Q3. The water flow of Kukel products seems relatively low compared to gas water heaters, how can I increase the water flow?
A: Being energy saving and eco friendly are the premises of Kukel products. Kukel’s product uses only single-phase power supply and is able to reduce water and power consumption whilst maintaining the water intensity in the shower at a moderate level and we do not encourage customer to increase the water flow.

Q4. The maintenance and warranty period?
A: i) Under normal circumstance, if the product does not function properly within one month of purchasing, and the appearance of the product without any serious physical or damage, KUKEL will replace the product free of charge.
ii) KUKEL provide 1 year warranty.